Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors
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About the Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors

The Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors (AllProDC) is, as the name suggests, an alliance of independent debt counsellors, determined to bring a measure of professionalism to the debt counselling industry of South Africa. AllProDC is officially recognised by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a representative body for debt counsellors.

Most of our members operate as small businesses and we respect their independence. The Alliance has, however, been formed with the purpose of tackling industry issues as a collective and to develop standards to encourage a high level of service delivery.

Our member base has a national footprint and continues to grow. The Alliance was officially launched in October 2011.
Consumers in need of a debt counsellor may contact the Alliance to obtain details of members within their area. This ensures that you are dealing with a registered debt counsellor who is committed assist you through the process of regaining your financial independence.

Whilst each of our members has their own processes, service providers and methods, we do monitor to ensure that each case referred by us is managed in accordance within the requirements of the National Credit Act. Should the need arise, we provide mediation and complaint resolution between consumers and our members.